However, the Bitcoin market has not improved at all。

This is enough to explain a lot of things。
The strongest Bitcoin is so,Not to mention other other currencies that are hotly speculated。Various platform currencies fell directly to no one,A bunch of on sale on the platform,No one bought it at all。
Even many have fallen 300%,Still no entry。
If more evidence is needed,Probably, almost all high-tech stocks in Silicon Valley started a feast of plummeting。From Apple to Google,From Microsoft to Amazon,Go to Facebook,I’m ashamed to call myself a Silicon Valley company if the decline is less than 13 points。
That is, traditional high-tech companies such as Boeing are more tenacious,Otherwise, the high-tech sector that propped up half the sky in the U.S. stock market almost collapsed across the board。
Messed up at this moment。
531 A new generation of lovers
In fact, since the emergence of the profession of media,With the rapid expansion of the title party group,Chinese netizens are almost immune to all kinds of sensational titles。
Remember the past,The era of innocence in the early days of the Internet,Who can believe《Shock!famouslolPlayers anddataPlayers are not considered men,Tens of thousands of onlookers at the scene》This title actually refers to a famous Chinese singer,Invite another talented singer friend to help out in his concert,Sang a song《What man are you》。
When the headline party is rampant,The result is,Any shocking headline,Make netizens uninterested, click on it。Because everyone has psychological expectations,Don’t look at the sensational names of those press releases,But most of the content has nothing to do with the title。
Even many unscrupulous editors,The title is very sultry,It is also accompanied by a picture of a imaginative young lady going out of the bath,Waiting for you to untie your belt eagerly,I clicked in and found that the article was actually talking about《On the importance of sow postpartum care》。
Of course, the negative impact of the headline party rampant does not stop there.。More terrifying is,When your brain is bombarded by these headline parties,Looking at other regular titles, I just feel dull.。
In fact, if you want to go back earlier,These title parties are actually related to a very special profession。
The Internet hasn’t become popular yet,The age when people mainly rely on newspapers and TV to get information,There are some people working as newsboys along the coast of China。
of course,They are not selling newspapers along the street,But in、Long-distance station,After the car is full,Take advantage of just one short before driving、Rush to the car in two minutes,Selling various newspapers to passengers。

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