Lu Menglin nodded,Tao:“Yes!Have seen,In Jincheng,I just killed one,Do you want to watch?”

Jiang Jinghong was shocked,Nodded quickly。
Lu Goulin is also welcome,Take out a silver password box directly from under the seat,Open the box,Inside is the corpse of the strange snake。
This strange snake was exploded by Lu Menglin with sword strength,Divided into,But the strange thing is that the blood volume is surprisingly low,In addition to losing activity,Basically retain the original appearance。
“It’s them!This is the creature!”Jiang Jinghong obviously read this information,I can tell the characteristics of the creatures over there at a glance。
“They appeared in Jincheng?I want to notify the troops immediately。”Jiang Jinghong was suddenly excited,Said quickly。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“you do not need to worry,The space cracks in Jincheng are small,And it’s closed,Only this one has been found so far。The location is on Qingliang Mountain,If you don’t worry,Just ask someone to see。”
“it is good!Let’s talk about serious matters first。”Jiang Jinghong’s emotions quickly calmed down,True color。
“You said,I listen。”Lu Menglin nodded。
Jiang Jinghong settled down,Said:“Should be ten days ago,Unidentified creatures have been found all over the world,These biological characteristics are obvious
Different from earth species,They are very powerful,Caused great panic in the local area。All governments have deployed armies and special forces,Cooperate with masters to round up these special creatures。”
“what do you mean,This kind of thing also appeared in Xiqin City?”Lu Menglin asked。
“Yes,But fortunately not in the city,At the top of Mount Hua。”Jiang Jinghong shook his head and said。
quickly,Gulf Stream600Landed at Xianyang Airport on the outskirts of Xiqin City,It’s very close to Huashan,Only a few kilometers away。
Everyone got off the plane,There are already three jeeps with military plates waiting at the airport。
From the airport,This team soon reached the foot of Huashan。
Unexpectedly,The foot of Huashan has been blocked by the military,Closed the tourist channel,No one is allowed to register。
As the saying goes,A road in Huashan since ancient times,Talking about the steep terrain of Huashan,Easy to defend and hard to attack,Not that there is only one way to go。
but,With the army in front of you, like a big enemy,It is estimated that all the roads up the mountain have been blocked,Waiting for idlers is impossible。
Jiang Jinghong takes Lu Menglin and his party,Came to the gate of the scenic spot blocked by the military,Informed the sentry of the identity and number。

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