When Chen Xiu entered the city, he saw a pawn who was a master,Not to mention that I am“Smuggling”The Great Continent,In a low-key idea,He whispered to Daniel:“Daniel Brothers,Don’t talk about me。”

Daniel has always admired Chen Xiu,Who doesn’t know why not let me say,I changed my words:“Yes,I conquered these two big bugs with three punches and two kicks!”
Everyone laughed,Naturally do not believe。
This is just a little joke at the market,The fur trade fair on the prehistoric continent is still in a primitive state,Waiting for customers to come to your door like selling vegetables。
Didn’t take the exam,Chen Xiu yawned boredly。
“Brother Chen,Your first visit to Qinghe Town,Why don’t you go have a good time。I don’t know when I have to wait until it is sold out,You just need to come back and find me before dark。”
“it is good。”
Chen Xiuxian has this intention,Say goodbye to Daniel is just a few steps,Daniel trot up again and handed a small black bag to Chen Xiu,Said:“Do you come here,Just the cost,Mo Province。”
Chen Xiu opened the little black bag,Inside is a small porcelain bottle,Open the bottle again,First, a smell of medicine pours into the nose。
“Gathering Qi Dan!”
Previously pursued by Qingyun Zu from Lingnan to Mobei,Chen Xiu took hundreds of Qi Gathering Pills along the way,He is familiar with the taste。It’s just that the Qi Gathering Pill in the small porcelain bottle doesn’t matter how big it is、The color and the medicinal properties are far inferior to the Qi Gathering Pill that I swallowed before。
Daniel smiled:“What kind of Qi-gathering pill is here?,It’s just a little huandan。Thousands of small pill are only exchanged for a low-grade Qi Gathering Pill。With us,For daily use, it can be purchased with gold and silver,The rare things store only accepts medicines that are beneficial to cultivation。”
Chen Xiu immediately understood,This little huandan、Pills such as Qi Gathering Pill are the hard currency on the Primordial Continent。
But seeing this bottle of Xiao Huan Dan is a big cow, it is very deep,It is estimated that this is the pill that he has accumulated for a long time,Not easy。
Just want to return him,Think again:“If I evade it, I will look stingy,Betrayed his friendship!”

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