“Ok。”Women’s Road。

“Are you coming to visit me?”Zhu Minglang said。
what,I am not in jail,Why visit?
“I will kill you。”The woman’s careless way。
Zhu Minglang looks embarrassed,Tao:“Then why didn’t you do it before?”
“I want to understand these days,Let you live like a stinger,Whenever I feel a little bit happy, I’m caught off guard,More painful and tormented,Let’s close it。”She came,Light pace,The heel has a regular beat on the wooden floor。
Arrived,Zhu Minglang can see her face more clearly。
It is indeed Li Yunzi,Her inborn pride is hidden under her cool and beautiful temperament。
“I can understand,These days, no one in Zulong City is not discussing this,No one is not tearing open your wounds with dirty and disgusting words,But I can hide here comfortably,Raise a dragon、Reading。Obviously God arranged and teased the fate of us two,But you have to bear it。”Zhu Minglang nodded seriously。
“You don’t blame me?”She asked。
“I blame,I can’t beat you。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Any last words?”She continued。
“I thought you were different from other women,Even if you receive such humiliation, you can not anger others,You are quite unique in my mind……Forget it,No matter what,Thank you for sending my college letterhead,Let me spend a good time in the college。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Oh?”She raised her eyebrows suddenly,The delicate rose red lips gently raised an arc。“She also sent you letterhead?”
“she was??”Zhu Minglang looked confused。
“Lai Yunzi。”Women’s Road。
Zhu Minglang looked at her,Suddenly remembered that Li Yunzi told herself when he was in the dungeon,She is sick。
Look at her now,Really sick。
“Are you OK??”Zhu Minglang asked。

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