Zhu Ziqing’s calm voice,It’s not hard to tell that he is dissatisfied with what happened before his eyes。

Shirley took out her work permit again,But after Wang Youwei saw Shirley’s work permit,,Just a little stupefied,Said with a presumptuous laugh:“You play this toy for nine dollars and nine free shipping!If you still want,I can send you more than a dozen different departments!”
Wang Youwei’s answer made Shirley’s face a look of taking the wrong medicine,But Shirley has seen the world after all,Soon I thought about why Wang Youwei had such a confident attitude.。Have a connection with my work,The smallest is a department-level cadre,Director this position,I really haven’t touched it before。
Helplessly took out the phone again,Wang Youwei is not afraid of the sky,Pointing at Shirley and shouting loudly:“Whoever you want,I stand up to the four words of justice and law enforcement,I’m afraid your relationship will fail?If afraid,I won’t do this job!”
Shirley was shown off by Wang Youwei’s operation,I froze for a long time without responding, how to respond to Wang Youwei,Zhu Ziqing took her aside,It’s a relatively quiet communication environment for Shirley。
Took a deep breath,Zhu Ziqing tried his best to make his tone calm,Pointing to Ding Sheng and said to Wang Youwei:“He is a soldier,Is a battle hero,His arm was lost in the battle,You dare to do something to soldiers?”
“What happened to the soldiers?If you are a soldier, you can park arbitrarily regardless of the law?If you are a soldier, you can break into the city management office and make trouble?After we enforce the law,Not paying fines?”
&nbWang Youwei repeatedly questioned,In an instant he pushed his aura to the commanding heights,Just quietly playing drums in my heart,Isn’t this Ding Sheng really a demobilized soldier??
Drums in my heart,But Wang Youwei still kept the calm on his face。
“Isn’t it a fine??Say a number!Still can’t scare us!”
Mo Mo smiled,Watching Wang Youwei with dazzling waves。
“Whether it’s cash or credit card,If you have a QR code!”
Mo Mo looked at Wang Youwei patiently,Look at her,People around will know,This girl is not bad for money。
“My car was towed away by them,But it costs 10,000 to speak,I want to see the fine and rules and regulations,They were blasted out!”
Ding Sheng stood beside Xiang Chen and said,But a little lost in the look。Beforewww.ysyshop.I mentioned these little guys by myself,Now it’s their turn to protect themselves。
“It turned out to be 10,000 yuan!Give you 20,000,Would you please give me an invoice of ten thousand yuan??”
Mo Mo Lian moves gently,Put two stacks of cash in Wang Youwei’s hands,Then chuckled and said。

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