Early next morning,Nie Feng was driven out of the house,Depressed,Two sentences have been given,Due to the respect for the dominance,He is not willing to believe in his guess。

Inside Lingyun。
Liao Wenjie lie on the ground, Looking at the land.,Look around,Lift the behind the legs,Noddish:“good,I am walking more than one day.,I didn’t expect your relationship to become so close.。”
Nie Feng:“……”
It is intimate,It is better to say that the dog unicorn regards him as a toy,Only the intimate relationship of the physical contact every day。
“Emperor,I met on the road to Lingyun cave.……Mud buddha,He told me two quarters,I do not understand,Can your predecessors help me explain??”Nie Feng strongly supports weak body。
“What is good to explain?,You are not stupid,I can think of it.。”
Liao Wenjie poses:“You understand your heart,Just don’t want to admit it.,Why do you want me to do a wicked??”
Nie Feng faces a bitter smile:“why,Master Master is so good to me.,Also marriage my little teacher……Just because a quorum……Nie Feng wants to understand。”
“You think too much,No matter how you will marry Kong Chen no matter,Don’t say that your brothers are considered to be tools,Do not marry his daughter,Single is another reason,He would rather choose a thrilling cloud and Qin Shuang,I will not choose you to be a son-in-law.。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Acknowledgment:“You are young,Your mother is not missing for two years.,Be right,Heroic,I will not say more details.,You are already an adult.。”
Nie Feng vomiting blood,It turns out that the general mana is not only his Master.,Still him……
“So,Dear, add friends, also,Used in you and Xiong Dynasty,He can’t give you a chance to revenge.,It’s too herself.。”
Liao Wenjie poses,Good endorsement,Didn’t see the Ying Ying in the absolute bathroom,Explain that Nie Feng’s mother jumps to the river is really fragrant.。
Although it is very miserable,But from a certain angle,This is a good news for Nie Ren Wang.。
Because these words are too hateful,Liao Wenjie did not say,Just when there is anything。
“so,all of these……”
Nie Feng is sad:“Master married me a young teacher,Just to dismantle me and the cloud brother?”
“That’s right,But your use of words weird。”
Liao Wenjie is good to persuade:“Young man,Your cloud brother is very good,But there is still other ways this road.,Don’t go on the road,Your marriage is in life and death,That way is the road you want to go。”
Nie Feng:“……”
He feels that Liao Wenjie is engaged in color,But because the other party is a senior senior,So I don’t dare to say。
Silently Life and Death Gate,Nie Feng no more,For the time to see it, let’s see it.,But he knows that he has a unique momentum.,A woman only loves this woman,Even if there is another unloading city,He is also very difficult to make love。
Absolutely impossible!
Use a special man is so confident。
“So to say,The seniors know that I and the missed my life.?”
“Yes,I will know if I haven’t seen it.。”
Nie Feng is squeezed,Quite a blame:“Since you know everything,Why do you always conceal?,风 and the cloud brother,It is also difficult to make up for it.……Not just a cloud brother,The little teacher is also hurt.。”
Liao Wenjie:“This,I will tell you the first time.,Hone Master wants to kill you and the cloud,Also plan to make your brothers in the wedding of you and your brothers,Do you believe it?”

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