Aunt Ding saw Xia Jian got up,Busy with a smile:“You wait a while,I’ll warm up the breakfast for you”

“no need,I got up too late today and no appetite,Let’s have lunch later!”Xia Jian said,He strode out of the courtyard。
Xia Jian walked around the courtyard wall of Old Xiao’s house,I found that the wall of this courtyard was more than double the wall of ordinary people,If you don’t have professional wall climbing tools, you can really climb in.。But how did anyone get in last night??
Xia Jian while walking,Watching carefully,Finally he finally found the problem。Or this big tree on the side of the road,It has a thick branch that reaches the roof of Old Xiao’s house,Just climb this big tree,Walk along this branch,Then hang,One more flick and it’s on the roof。
When Xia Jian told Lao Xiao about this problem,,Lao Xiao’s first reaction was to call a leader of the Urban Management Bureau,What makes Xia Jian feel strange is,Just over ten minutes after Old Xiao hung up the phone,The city management has drove over with the equipment。
Something like this,With the cooperation of machinery and equipment,Almost no effort,This thick branch was sawed down。See that the problem is solved,Xia Jianjima called again which company installed the monitoring equipment,I promised to arrive in an hour,This makes Xia Jian very happy。
First1466chapter Cut off love
At lunch,The monitoring at the gate has been fixed。Wait for the maintenance staff to leave,Old Xiao smiled and said to Xia Jian:“My yard has a good location,Xiao Xiao couldn’t see it at all, After i die,This yard is yours”
Old Xiao suddenly said that,Xia Jian was caught off guard。He hurriedly smiled and said:“Your old body is fine,It’s not a trivial thing to live another ten or eight years”
“Hey!Talk nonsense。People die when they grow old,If you don’t die, won’t you become a monster”Old Xiao couldn’t help but laughed。
Because Xia Jian has to go to work after dinner,So Aunt Ding’s lunch is made very early,Just when the three of them were eating,Suddenly a policeman walked in。
Xia Jian has a look,Rushed out。He asked with a smile:“Comrade Police!What do you want?”
“Oh!The person caught at your house last night,I’m clear now,He didn’t come to steal,I’m not here to take revenge,But to find out a news for someone。Just want to see,There is a man named Xia Jian,Is sleeping alone,Or there is a woman in his room”The police smiled and said。
Xia Jianyi listen,I lowered my head embarrassedly,He asked in a low voice:“Did this person explain,Who is the woman who asked him to inquire about the news??”
“He doesn’t know either,He just collects money。But according to his description,Which woman is 27 or 18 years old,Tall,Very beautiful。Not a local accent“The police thought,While describing to Xia Jian。

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