Drank three glasses of water in a row,After slowing down, Lu Monkey gave a glare and asked Wang Youcai.:“Why are you in my house?What do you want to do?”

“Lie down first!Let me show you the wound!”
Doctor Lu shouted loudly,Took out the hospital box from the cabinet。Lu Monkey looked puzzled,But still lying on Doctor Lu’s bed。
After some inspection,Lu Monkey’s body has some skin injuries。But there is a serious injury on the calf,At first glance, I was hit by something。
Doctor Lu was crying,While wiping his son’s wound。This process took about half an hour。During this time,Lu monkey bit his lip,Did not say a word。Can see,He is really a rascal。
Wang Youcai, who is standing on the side, is up and down。He and Doctor Lu are now cooperating to open a hospital,But the appearance of Lu monkey,I’m afraid things are about to change。
as expected,Doctor Lu just bandaged the wound for Monkey Lu。Lu Monkey, who was relieved, asked Wang Youcai:“Ask you something?Why are you in my house?”
“Bastard!If not for him,I starved to death at home long ago,Can you see me today?”Doctor Lu roared,Can’t help being furious。
Lu Monkey snorted coldly:“Alright!I’m afraid it’s the chicken giving a New Year greeting,No good intentions”
“All right!Good or bad,Let’s not talk about this yet。Why are you beaten like this?Do you want to call the police?”
Wang Youcai interrupted Lu Monkey’s conversation,Asked with a serious face。He didn’t want to explain this to this guy in front of Doctor Lu。For such a person,Can’t play cards according to common sense。
Lu Monkey smiled and said:“Wang Youcai!He really looks like mom。My injury,you do not know?”
“You guy is weird。Injury on your body,How do i know?”Wang Youcai is a little angry,But in front of Doctor Lu,He is still trying to suppress。
Monkey Lu sat up slowly,He grinned and said:“Stop acting!Do you have any premeditated plans for my family??Don’t want me to show up,And wait for my father to die,This yard becomes your Wang Youcai’s?”

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