“All five thousand?”Hu Yang asked。

The boss smiles and nods,Seems very stable,I was really flustered,I’m afraid this young man is afraid of the high price。
Young people now,I would rather spend a few thousand yuan on a mobile phone、A computer and other electronic products,Not willing to spend thousands of yuan on this kind of artwork。
and so,He couldn’t help but explain:“This is customized according to our local customs,So it will be a little different。”
This remark,For Populus,Just superfluous,Instead, it exposed the store’s lack of knowledge。
Hu Yang rolled up that piece of cloth,And then transferred five thousand yuan to the boss。
Seeing this young man so happy,The shop owner was a little surprised,Quickly“Tips”:“20% off when you buy ten,10% off for two to five。”
but,Hu Yang is not interested in the rest,Take Fangru and the others away。
During this period,Hua Zai and others admire,Did not rush to ask Brother Hu。After leaving there,I looked at the things in Brother Hu’s hand,Asked:“Hu Ge,This is worth?”
Worthy of brother Hu,Logically,It must be a treasure!
but,This kind of thing,They really can’t see the preciousness。
Hu Yang asked the audience in the live broadcast room:“Someone sees,What is this?The brother who answered correctly first,There is a red envelope!”
Miss Sister in Guangxi,It was yesterday that I started paying attention to Brother Hu’s Xiao Liao’s sister,Finally waited for the legendary welfare。According to my brother,Hu’s so-called red envelope,At least a few thousand yuan。

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