“Not saying this time now,You will be fine as soon as possible.。”

Under the tuning,Zhang Wei took Li Hui to put on the bulletproof.,Then give Li Xiangqi two pistols and submachine guns,Li Hui’s back is also carrying ammunition.。
After all, this time they go is the depths of the jungle.,Once you enter the depths of the jungle,Then there is more ways to fight.。
There are fewer aspects of the same ammunition.。
On the same day,Li Hui Rong and the seven people fly to the border.。
at night,Zhang Wei took people directly to the jeep,Cross the border,Entered the jungle。
The first thousand one hundred and sixty-three chapters
On the evening,Zhang Yi took people directly from the car.,Then slowly move toward the original point of interest.。
Just not wait for the other party,Lighting is directly uploaded。
moment,Gun sound。
At the moment of the gun,Zhang Yi knows danger,Directly drink everyone。
Li Hui also is also direct operation,Then form a transparent protective cover in the body。
Peng Zhang Wei did not expect himself to be discovered.。
I saw that the brothers who haven’t come and kneel directly by a shot.,He is also a double eye red。
Although I know that this rescue is very difficult,Although I know will be dead。
But he didn’t think of just came to death.。
Especially the small partners around you。
Li Hui also did not expect to have a comrades who have a laugh in the car before leaving so fast.。
Let him feel a little suddenly。
Harmony,But this cruel or let Li speak the wind for the first time.。
That is really no words, you have to take your life.。
“You go first,I will take it back.。”
Li Hui Feng directly let Zhang Yi have retired first,He is making a cover behind。
At the same time, he also poured it.,The body has a smooth warmer comer.,Then disappear in the night。
All the people who disappeared,Andf is a bit angry。
“How do you get,Actually let them run,Don’t say it, do you leave two people??”
“Chief,My gun is for one of them.。”
“Humph,I know,He is the same as me,It belongs to the cultivation of internal strength,Blocking is just a moment,If you give another shot,Definitely kill。”
Andf was originally thinking about playing this batch of new wolf teams.,But when Li Hui Feng appeared,He also frowned。
Li Hui Feng Bili Bullets is also seen.。
His existence like him feels invincible。
All said Huaxia Winhu Tiger Dragon,Nothing, the general dragon will not appear。

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