Han Fengdao shook his head,Smiled:“commander,Han is fortunate enough to live,Already won the Jingshen Valley,Even Lu Menglin’s family was under control。”

This remark,Chen Qingyun’s face changed slightly,There was an uproar all around。
The representatives present are not fools!What the officer said just now,The amount of information contained in it is amazing!
Shocking God Valley as a force invited by the Earth Alliance,Regardless of the other’s attitude,The Earth Allied Forces secretly sent troops to copy people’s nest,This is a big taboo,This kind of dishonest practice,It’s really chilling。
and,Today they can secretly surprise Shengu,I can knock out Jerusalem tomorrow,The day after tomorrow you can pacify Buddhism。
Thus,All forces are at risk,Don’t say join the coalition to defend the earth,I can’t protect myself!
not to mention,The Earth Alliance also sent masters to arrest the family of Lu Menglin,Even the good guys in the green forest know that it’s not good for the family,They are so superficial,Secretly,Hell if you can convince everyone!
Chen Qingyun frowned deeper,And the people who were scolding Han Fengdao just now,Closed their mouths one after another。This matter is too serious,Has shaken the reputation of the Earth Alliance,It may even shake the foundation of the Earth Alliance,Who dares to interrupt at this time。
Everyone is watching Chen Qingyun,See how he will solve the crisis before him。
Chen Qingyun thought about it very seriously,Then raised his head,Shen Sheng:“who are you?”
This remark,The audience was in an uproar again!
Chen Qingyun called out the other party’s name just now,Now he asked who the other party was?This is simply a living referral!
Does he treat us as people who don’t exist??Or when we are all fools?Dare not speak?
Many people see,Angry in my heart,Emotional accumulation,Waiting for the outbreak。

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