The 7 most toppings in the World Table Tennis Championships-Liu Shiwen is the softest, Ding Ning is the most bitter, Zhang Jike is the most brother

The 7 most toppings in the World Table Tennis Championships: Liu Shiwen is the most upset, Ding Ning is the most bitter, Zhang Jike is the most brother
The world table tennis tournament in Suzhou continued with good performances. The players on the road fought fiercely. The off-court highlights were also quite eye-catching. Many things deserve to be counted and recalled.这里为您送上苏州世乒赛的七宗最: 最心软的人:刘诗雯  女单决赛战至决胜局,丁宁意外扭伤,重新比赛以后刘诗雯完全失去了之前快速凶狠的特点,打得犹犹豫豫,It seemed too soft-hearted and finally lost the champion who was about to get it.The former world champion Liu Wei said: The champion is the champion, it will not be followed by a bracket (because Liu Shiwen is soft to take).And when Fang Bo, the young men’s team who won the runner-up in the finals this time, met Xu Xin in the fourth round, the opponent also requested medical suspension for treatment in the final game. Fang Bo said: When Xu Xin was injured, I did not have a soft heart. I think it was an opportunity.If you feel soft or distracted on the field, you are giving your opponent a chance. I want to win the game with one go, and then comfort Xu Xin after the game.After the final, Liu Shiwen paid tribute to Ding Ning’s hardest person: Ding Ning’s life was not good. In the women’s singles competition, all the hard-to-reach opponents were encountered.In the women’s singles match, I first met the German chopper Ivancan, which consumed a lot of physical strength, and then met the teammate Wu Yang, who was also the chopper. This time, the two sides played for 80 minutes. Although Ding Ning wonDown but consume a lot of physical strength and energy.In the women’s singles semi-finals, she played with Muzi for another seven innings. In the final, Liu Shiwen fought to the seventh inning. She accidentally sprained her ankle and won the game with her tenacious will.On the second day, she played in the semi-finals and finals of the women’s doubles, limping with a foot injury and insisting on fighting. In the last two days, she played three singles and two doubles for a total of 32 innings, 12 of which were still injured., Accompanied by pain and pressure to the end, can be called the most bitter person.The most tired person: Xu Xin  He played three items in the World Table Tennis Championships. He is the only player of the Chinese team to participate in the men’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles.The World Table Tennis Championships have a intensive schedule and high intensity. Xu Xin is also a straight shot player. He needs to use a lot of forehand attacks, runs a lot, and takes a lot of energy to participate in the three.He had a shoulder injury in the mixed doubles semi-final. Although he was treated, the shoulder injury recurred again in the singles game with Fang Bo, and he eventually lost the game.After playing 17 games in six days and winning two doubles titles, Xu Xin is the most tired person in this World Table Tennis Championship.Head coach Liu Guoliang said of his disciples: I am proud of him.最令人捧腹的获奖感言:许昕  许昕和韩国女将梁夏银拿到混双冠军以后,面对记者的采访,许昕说出一句令人捧腹的话:我想我以后去韩国,应该不愁吃Don’t worry about drinking it.而梁夏银在发布会上的一句话我以后还想和许昕搭档,就是不知道他愿不愿意,更是让人浮想联翩……最霸气的庆祝动作:马龙  马龙在夺得男子单打冠军后,Excitedly jumped onto the table, and made a gesture of putting his hands on his ears and listening to the cheers on the scene, which was very personal and domineering.This is completely different from the usual low-key and restrained Malone. It seems that 10 years of longing has finally come to a dream, and no one can suppress the inner excitement.最有担当的兄弟:张继科  在得知许昕在混双和男单比赛受伤以后,张继科说:我还没有看到许昕,听说他受到了伤病困扰,我也会在男双比赛中Go all out and lead your partner to win the doubles championship.He said so, and did the same. In the men’s doubles final, Zhang Jike successively played many amazing high-level balls, concentric with the Xu Xin brothers, and won the doubles championship.After Ma Long won the championship, Zhang Jike also congratulated Ma Long: Congratulations on the first summit of the Brothers World Championships. This time my performance was not satisfactory. I failed to meet with you. This time your performance can be described as perfect. I look forward to our next time.Duel.Winning and losing, Zhang Jike is really a good brother in China!最令人吃惊的人:方博  方博在09年拿到过世青赛四项冠军,但之后没有取得过很出彩的成绩,在今年的两站公开赛分别输给了日本的盐野真人With Freitas of Portugal, he didn’t even make the top 16 in singles.No one had expected that he would shine in this World Table Tennis Championship. Lian Ke Xu Xin and Zhang Jike entered the singles finals, creating the miracle that the Chinese men’s table tennis team reached the World Championships men’s singles finals for the first time in decades.

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