To know,Chen Jiannan is not an unknown person,He is the boss of the deep underground world,Famous for being able to carry and fight,If not for his skill,He won’t protect Lu Menglin anymore。

But never expected,With Chen Jiannan’s strength,I can’t even handle a trick under the hands of Master Sheng,This is a little scary。
Master Sheng is full of veins,Looks terrifying,After falling off Chen Jiannan,Spread thin fingers,One claw digs towards Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin motionless,Just staring into each other’s eyes firmly,He wants to know,What is this change in the other person??Have you retained the original consciousness??
Talking late,Then soon!Everyone just thinks it’s black,Then I felt a strong wind blowing by。
Then I heard a loud bang,This sound sounds as tragic as the scene of a car accident。
I saw a huge group of black shadows ran into Master Sheng head-on,Throw him straight out。
Is pudgy!crucial moment,How could he not make a move。
Fat Dun Xuewu returns,Skills are different from those of the past,I’m afraid that this collision will be powerful,Not more than a small truck。
Two dark shadows are fighting on the ground,Fatty punches like wind,On the head of the desperate Master Chao Seung,On the neck,Smashed。
That big fist,Smashed the ground into dust,Bang,It sounds sore。
fourteenKThe people from the other two clubs are all dumbfounded,They didn’t expect that there was such a sturdy fighter beside Lu Menglin,The play is too fierce!
And they couldn’t think of Shengye’s transformation,So able to fight!Fight against this fat man who is not human,Didn’t let go。
The two fought for nearly half a minute,Finally after a thump,Separated again。
exactly,It was Fat Dun who took the initiative,Took advantage of the momentum and slipped three meters away on the ground,Stood up and got up。
Fatty’s face looks like a smile but a smile,Panting,But the gaze reveals extremely solemn。
At this moment, Master Sheng also stood up,He just shook his head,Except for a few damaged clothes,It’s not damaged at all,Not even breathing。
How does this look like a rare old man,It’s just a living monster!

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