[Can people eat fruit on the day of the crowd?

]_Abortion_Can you eat

[Can people eat fruit on the day of the crowd?
]_Abortion_Can you eat

Unexpected pregnancy is a very common phenomenon. Most women usually choose to terminate their pregnancy by abortion after accidental pregnancy. No matter how many abortion methods are used for abortion, it is very harmful to women.Yes, it is necessary to take a good rest and eat more nutrient-rich foods in the diet. This can quickly restore the body and usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Can people eat fruit on the day of the crowd?

It is not recommended to eat fruit on the day of abortion. It is best to eat fruit half a month after the abortion. Many fruits are cold, and eating will affect the recovery of the body.

What to eat on the first day of the flow of people should eat light food, rice noodles, steamed buns can be eaten, you can also eat egg soup.

After the recovery of gastrointestinal function, you can eat some high protein and high vitamins, but you can’t over nutrition.

After that, you can cook some soup for nutrition.

1, Chinese longan has traditional Chinese medicine believe that longan is a good food for blood, especially for pregnant women after abortion. Generally, dried longan and fresh longan are acceptable.

Not only can supplement the spleen and stomach, but also can make up for the lack of effort.

2, red dates red dates contain a lot of vitamins, glucose, protein, red dates is the best tonic in fruit.

It can nourish the spleen and stomach, improve qi and vitality, regulate blood circulation, and reconcile the effects of 100 poisons, especially women who are weak and have insufficient blood (after delivery or after abortion).

People who just have a miscarriage eat fatally1 and cannot eat hard food.

2, can not eat cold food after abortion, especially women with poor spleen and stomach function, too cold food will hurt the spleen and stomach, affecting digestion.

3. Do not eat greasy foods such as fatty meat, animal fats, etc., gradually control your aunt for about 80 grams per day for one week.

Weak stomach tension and intestinal motility after miscarriage can cause indigestion.

Due to complete rest after abortion, high stool foods will reduce appetite, reduce protein, sugars, and vitamin intake, and also cause fat.

4, can not eat crabs, river mussels, Tianluo and other cold food.

Since the food is supplemented with warmth after abortion, these foods are not conducive to restoring health.

In addition to dietary attention after abortion, there are some other aspects that need attention. Do not force heavy physical labor within one month of abortion.

And sex should be banned after the flow of people, about 40 days before sexual life.

After the flow of people, we must pay attention to the situation of lochia, clean up in time, and do a good job of sanitation.

One more thing to note after the flow of people is that menstrual flow may be irregular after the flow of people and it is necessary to take good contraceptive measures.

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