A shares traded over trillions for the third consecutive day: Institutions remind attention to rhythm

A shares traded over trillions for the third consecutive day: Institutions remind attention to rhythm

Original title: A shares traded over trillions for the third consecutive day!

Technology stocks are still popular, and institutions remind the rhythm that the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges continue to trade for a third day, breaking trillions!

  According to the transaction data updated by the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges on the evening of February 21, the Shanghai market ‘s turnover was 4,456 on the day.

1.1 billion yuan, 307 more than the previous trading day.

3.6 billion; Shenzhen market turnover was 7274.

23 trillion, 720 more than the previous trading day.

8.9 billion yuan.

  Both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets saw heavy volume, and the total turnover of A shares rose to another level on February 21, reaching 11,730.

3.4 billion.

This will always be the first time since March 8, 2019 that the total turnover of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets has exceeded 1.

1 trillion, also the third consecutive day of A-share turnover exceeded 1 trillion.

  According to wind statistics, the last time A shares traded for three consecutive days exceeded one trillion yuan, and it has to be traced back to March 6, 2019 to March 8, 2019. March 8 is also the highest peak of transaction volume in the two cities in 2019, at 11,841.

0.5 billion.

The data on February 21, 2020 hit the second largest single-day turnover in 2019 to date, only after February 8, 2019.

  Since the opening of the A-share rat year, except for the plunge on the first trading day, it has continued to be in a unilateral upward pattern since then.

The Shanghai Composite Index fell to a one-year low of 2685 on February 4.

At 27 o’clock, the 3000 point mark was successfully recovered on February 20, and it continued to reach 3039 on February 21.

Closed at 67.

The opening point on the first day of February 3, 2716.

Calculated at 70 points, after three weeks of trading, the year-on-year growth of the Shanghai Index has gradually increased to 11.


  Technology stocks continue to receive major capital inflows From the perspective of capital flow, technology stocks are the favorite investment direction of main funds.

  According to wind data, the top five sectors for the main capital inflows on February 19 were software, the Internet, computer hardware, precious metals, and communications equipment.

  Among them, the software sector rose 3 on the day.

56%, with a net inflow of 28 main funds.

9.9 billion yuan; the Internet sector rose by 2.

80%, with a net inflow of 10 from the main fund.

5.7 billion; computer hardware sector increased by 3 that day.

84%, the main capital inflow 9.

61ppm; communications equipment sector rose 2 on the day.

81%, the main capital inflow7.

5.5 billion yuan.

  In addition, the precious metal sector 北京spa会所 represented by gold stocks continued to strengthen at the same time in recent days, and rose 4 on February 19.

31%, with a net inflow of 9 main funds.

3.8 billion yuan.

  From the perspective of individual stocks, many technology stocks have risen and stopped under the pursuit of funds. China Software (600536), Flush (300033), Siwei Tuxin (002405), Zhongke Chuangda (300496), Creative Information (300366)), Kelan Software (300663), etc. are listed here.

  The technology sector has also been initially recommended by too many institutions.

  The research report of Chuancai Securities pointed out that in the medium and long term, it is in line with the needs of the transformation of the macroeconomic structure, and the science and technology industries with an upward industrial cycle will remain the focus of the market.  The 武汉夜生活网 agency said that in order to hedge the economic downturn, the policies are mostly favorable and sustained release, financing costs have been reduced, and liquidity has been positive for the growth sector, especially since the post-holiday period.Increased the appeal of SMEs.

In addition, since the trade friction, technology stocks, especially the semiconductor and 5G sectors, have continued to receive policy and market attention, so the prosperity of the technology sector has continued to increase.

  Wang Delun, chief strategy analyst of Industrial Securities, has also repeatedly stated that he is optimistic about the big innovation growth sector.

  He said the Air Force is optimistic about big innovations, especially hard technology.

China’s current economy has changed from “having a low-end labor dividend” to “having a high-quality labor”. Engineer bonus development has evolved, and China’s advanced manufacturing has gradually transformed into capital strength, industrial foundation and R & D strength.

The time window for the construction and application of 5G and the wave of domestic substitution under trade frictions have jointly promoted the take-off of science and technology and innovation industries, and the performance of major innovation sectors has promoted sustained release.

We are optimistic about the subdivisions of imported substitutes and the 5G-related industrial chain, including the network foundation of the industrial chain (5G network equipment, network components, 5G terminals), the core hardware of the industrial chain (semiconductor equipment, lithium battery equipment, laser precision processing, robotsEtc.), key applications of the industrial chain (cloud computing, autonomous controllable, new energy vehicles), technological development of the industrial chain (military industry).

  Northbound funds inflowed nearly $ 6.5 billion this week. Among the main funds, foreign countries are a force to belittle.

Wind data shows that the northbound funds fluctuated slightly on February 19th, and the Shanghai Stock Connect net sold 20.

3.7 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect 9.

1.7 billion, with a total net interest rate of 11.

2 billion yuan.

  However, as a whole this week, northbound funds are still in a net inflow, with a total net inflow of 64.

9.4 billion yuan, the total net inflow this month reached 409.

2.5 billion.

  Some analysts said that the most recently favored sectors in foreign countries include the two major industries of finance and information technology.

  Chen Li, chief strategic analyst of Soochow Securities, analyzed the influx of A-shares in various industries after the epidemic based on the caliber of EPFR affiliates (covering 110,000 funds worldwide and managing assets of more than $ 34 trillion).

  According to the total scale of capital inflows, within the week of February 5th, the potential to significantly reduce the allocation to China and Asia except Japan; within the week of February 12th, it can replace the obvious Chinese market size, but continue to reduceFor Asia except Japan.

  From the weekly scale of transportation since November 2019, foreign countries continue to give priority to large financial and information technology industries.

In the week ending February 12, the information technology industry also received a large amount of money back, which was mainly driven by factors such as good sales data from the semiconductor industry and accelerated monetary policy easing to promote technological industry variables.

  Generally speaking, Chen Li believes that foreign countries’ allocation of various industries in the Chinese stock market is the first choice to restore the state before the epidemic.

  In fact, investors need to pay attention to the fact that wind statistics show that 50ETF, GEM ETF and other important ETF shares have seen high returns.

  Take 50ETF as an example, the size of fund shares will be 141 on February 19.

6.4 billion parts of carbonic acid to 137.

7.9 billion copies.

This shows that investors are redeeming ETF products.

  The Shanghai Composite Index opens at 3,000 points, how should investors view the market outlook?

  Zhang Yulong, chief strategy analyst of CITIC Construction Investment Securities, believes that before the company resumes production and resumes work, monetary policy and fiscal policy will maintain a prudent attitude to stabilize the economy.

The market has ample liquidity. Through the gradual resumption of work by enterprises, the market factors are resetting and declining.

  From the perspective of the main line of resumption of work, investors are advised to grasp three main lines.

Firstly, after the gradual resumption of work by enterprises, consumer demand such as compressed cars, food and beverages, home appliances, and social services will gradually rebound and need to be added.

Second, benefit from the capital market reform and the liquidity-rich securities sector.

Third, the industrial sector is rising and the technology sector supported by the liquidity policy, although the relative cost-effectiveness of consumption is not outstanding, but it has strong certainty and maintains the standard configuration.

  However, there are also views that the market has diverged, at least it is inevitable that investors can grasp the rhythm.

  Haitong Securities Investment Advisor Chen Xiaohui believes that the broad market remains strong today, showing a trend of heavy volume.

Unfortunately, although all major stock indexes have turned red, nearly 40% of the stocks in the two cities have fallen, indicating that many short-term profit-taking opportunities have taken advantage of and lightened up their positions.

From the perspective of the intraday market, the strong brokerage sector regained strength yesterday, but in addition to the sporadic individual stocks, other stocks generally surged and fell, which also aggravated the adjustment fears to a certain extent.

Compared with the previous trading day, the amount of energy can be released again. The huge amount indicates that the market is increasingly divergent.

Once the negative overlap is carefully interpreted by the market, it will inevitably expand indefinitely, just as the recent positives have been amplified.

  According to its analysis, on the surface of technology, the Sanlian Yang of the Zhou K line is very strong, especially this week’s accelerated growth, followed by inertial upside momentum.In essence, the short-term operation is mainly to continue to profit and lighten up, and adhere to a good rhythm.The 3100-point mark is a short-term strong pressure level, and the 60-day line is a short-term support level.

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