Some diseases should be treated with lamb in winter

Some diseases should be treated with lamb in winter

First, the postpartum was physically weak.

120 grams of lean mutton, 9 grams of ginger, after the same stew, drink soup and eat meat.

  Second, the old man is afraid of cold and cold, and his limbs are cold.

Lamb 500?
1000 grams, make 20 grams of aconite, add seasoning, boil, simmer on low heat, take appropriate amount.

  Third, postpartum abdominal pain and menstrual pain.

1000 grams of lean mutton, angelica, 90 grams of ginger each (wrapped in gauze), stewed, seasoned, simmered until rotten, remove the residue, drink soup and meat.

Take it twice daily.

  Fourth, night blindness, corneal softening.

Lamb liver 120 grams (sliced), leek 100 grams, refueled, salted and cooked.

Eat for several days.

  Fifth, kidney deficiency and backache, impotence nocturnal emission.

250 grams of lamb, steamed and sliced, eat with garlic.

Take once daily.

  Sixth, tuberculosis, bronchitis, cough, and hypertension.

250 grams of mutton, 9 grams of ginger, 60 grams of wheat kernels, stewed into gruel.

  Seventh, the spleen and stomach are weak and indigested.

250 grams of mutton, rice, and porridge.

  Eighth, there is little postpartum milk and no milk.

250 grams of lamb, 1 trotter, stewed with seasoning, meat soup, 1?
2 times, even for 1 week.

  Ninth, thrombocytopenic purpura.

2 sheep skull bones, crushed, add 20 red dates, the right amount of glutinous rice, cook the same porridge, take twice a day.

  Tenth, bruises.

30 grams of dry goat skin, ground, washed with wine.

1 gram each time, twice daily.

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