Violent weight loss boxing exercises

Violent weight loss boxing exercises

Punch, kick, wave, shout-this is not a game, it’s about losing weight.

A kind of fitness sports originating from taekwondo and boxing. Since entering major gyms, it has become a favorite fitness exercise.

There are also many slender young girls.

  How much can I reduce my fractured fist?

  The instructor said that aerobic boxing requires that bodybuilders demand the perfect combination of speed and strength when contracting their fists.

Therefore, the overall aerobic boxing exercise will consume a lot of time. A person weighing 60 kg can consume 600 calories of energy for an hour of aerobic boxing exercise, which is a pair of aerobics.

  Aerobic kickboxing can reduce bodybuilders’ side waist, abdomen, thighs, arms, shoulders and backs to reduce unhappiness and achieve weight loss.

  Due to the variety of aerobic boxing movements, including straight, upper, pendulum, forward kick, side kick, side kick and other combat actions, and each action is required to be fast and explosive.

Therefore, while the bodybuilder exercises every muscle in the whole body, the body’s elasticity, softness and reaction speed will also be improved as never before.

In addition, aerobic boxing exercises require the abdominal muscles to contract and yell when they punch out. Not only can you train the waist and abs muscles that are not easy to use, punch out hard, and yelling is a good way to relieve your emotions.This method vents emotions and reduces stress. Imagine an imaginary enemy right in front of you, punching, kicking, venting the dissatisfaction in your heart. After an hour, you will feel much more relaxed. Many people who skip “boxing” feel happy.Endlessly.

  Aerobic boxing exercises are simple and easy to learn. As long as you do 2-3 times a week, the body will change significantly after one month.

For example: strengthened joint mobility, muscle endurance, the body is no longer stiff; consumption and increased muscle mass, boots reduce weight.

  Aerobic boxing is not only a lot of exercise, it can help bodybuilders burn calories, it also helps to promote cardiovascular health, and it can also relieve high blood pressure, which is very suitable for modern people.

  Aerobic kickboxing combines the basic movements of football and martial arts. The athletes in the competition must imitate boxers and maintain flexible lower limb movements and left and right fists. The amount of exercise is considerable.

  A person who has practiced aerobic boxing told reporters that as long as 15 to 20 minutes of jumping, it can make people sweat all over.

  Aerobic boxing not only burns a trace amount to help lose weight, but also can exercise various parts of the body to achieve the effect of bodybuilding.

In just one hour, many fast movements such as boxing, kicking, etc. are repeated repeatedly, but the whole body movement coordination is not needed, and it is easier to get started than rhythmic exercises, so more and more people fall in love with it.

  Who is suitable for such a weight loss fitness coach reporter? Due to the instantaneous explosive power, a large proportion of limbs, and the amount of exercise than traditional aerobics, it is suitable for young people with a slight accumulation of excessive weight.
  It is worth mentioning that almost all the movements in aerobic boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength, so the exercise of the waist and abdomen in some classes exceeds any other fitness method.

Therefore, it is very suitable for modern people who have been sitting for a long time, causing adults to accumulate on the waist and abdomen.

  The coach reminds the coach to remind the bodybuilder to pay attention to the strength of the aerobic boxing exercise when jumping aerobics exercise. If the bodybuilder has leg fatigue, local pain relief, dizziness, excessive heart rate, etc., it is best to stop practicing.

  Weight loss uses boxing aerobics, called kickboxing in English. It was originally created by a black boxing world champion. It took only one or two years to develop in China.

  The specific form is to mix boxing, karate, taekwondo, kung fu, and even some dance moves, that is, to perform some boxing and taekwondo basic boxing and leg exercises in fierce music.

In the process of punching and kicking, the bodybuilder waved his fists through music, his movements were vigorous and powerful, so that the bodybuilder could vent from the ground, get rid of the sweat from the ground, and unknowingly reduce the excess guy in the body.

  For modern people, aerobic boxing is a fun way to vent without damaging anyone.

Because the bodybuilder does not fight with others and does not need any equipment, he uses his body to throw a punch in the air toward the mirror.

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