Sew a soy pocket to relieve back pain

Sew a soy pocket to relieve back pain

Before you go to bed, heat your waist and work at your desk for a whole day when you expand your chest. You will inevitably feel back pain. “Be a soya bean bag and use it to knock your back every day. It can play a great role in warming your waist.

“Experts told reporters.

  Because the spine has many muscles and tendons in the waist and back, it straightens the spine and cooperates with the abdominal muscles and muscles near the pelvis.

If the spine is not uniformly stressed, it will cause injuries to the above structures, such as sedentary or long standing, poor sitting, standing or lying posture, bending over, twisting too long or carrying heavy objects, too soft beds, smoking, etc.Causes backache and backache.

  Backache: Hot sore pockets before going to bed with soya beans Generally speaking, backache can be used as a local hot pack at home or a small thin pad on the waist when sleeping, which is effective for improving waist muscles.

If you combine them into one, heat it with soy pockets and apply heat to the waist, which can relax muscles, tendons and ligaments and other tissues. It can relieve the pain caused by muscle tension and rigidity. It is two ways to improve backache.Good way for beauty.

  The specific method is to use a square towel with a length of about 30 cm to fold the bag in half.

Take 600 grams of soybeans, fill the bag, and seal the mouth.

Before going to bed at night, put the soybean bag in the microwave oven and heat it for about one and a half minutes, so that the soybeans are heated to a certain level, and then place the soybean bag flat on the waist and press it under the lumbar vertebra.Fifth lumbar spine, and the thickness should be about 5cm. After repeated use for 3-5 days, the patient’s back pain symptoms will be significantly reduced.

  Back Pain: Knocking on the soy pockets during chest expansion, and for those with back pain, you can do chest expansion exercises at home with soy pockets to relieve pain.

The method is, after each sitting for 1-2 hours, merge immediately, hold the soy pocket in one hand in front, turn the upper body, move the soy pocket to beat the hip muscles, and do the chest expansion exercise on the other arm, stretching the top each time3-5 minutes.

At the same time, you can slowly move up, down, left and right to intervene, lift your shoulders freely, and take a deep breath.

The number, intensity and frequency of chest expansion exercises should be based on your physical condition.

  It should be noted that when backache is painful, do not go to Baokang place to do a strong twist massage. Even if the massage will relieve the pain at the time and even feel more comfortable, it is not conducive to the recovery of strained muscles.

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