First7chapter Dominate the gathering
In the void,Inside a twisted vortex of time and space,Suspended a huge continent,The area of this continent is comparable to a territory。
On this huge continent,With mountains and rivers,There are endless creatures,There are also twelve huge palaces and a deep nest of giant beasts。
And all this,Are hidden in the twisting void,Only through three specific time and space channels can you freely enter and exit。
This is the Mangya Kingdom, one of the six powers of Endless Territory。
Mangya country,Zodiac,Convergence of many powers。
The old man in a white robe with six small horns,Extraordinary bearing,At this moment, watching a little guy from the Chaos God Beast clan accepting his inheritance。
“brat,Practice hard,My clan is still my eternal emperor,If you can become emperor,My stress will be reduced a lot。”
As a chaos beast,Mangya dominates is indeed an anomaly。
Normal chaotic monster,Solo,Invincible。
Maybe it’s because the chaotic beasts in the Yanlong realm have the experience of being enslaved by ancient practitioners.,Mangya’s ruler is an unusually caring tribe。

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