Before slaying dragons because they had to,Today he still has a choice,It won’t be like that there。

The old man saw Xia Chenglong’s mind,Not angry,Instead, she smiled faintly,Only people with this quality can reach the top。
“You don’t have to worry,Actually the essence here is not what you care about,And they are not omnipotent.!”
Xia Chenglong nodded,This is the other party’s mood,Since the other party has nothing to insult the dragon,Then there is no need for him to chase。
after all,Strong,After all, we have to learn to make some choices before things happen。
A faint red scale began to appear on Xia Chenglong’s body,His eyes turned golden at this moment,The howling sword in the hand and flying around,Turned into countless sword shadows floating and space。
This level of battle is often not entangled,You can understand all the problems you want to know in one move。
The other party changed when Xia Chenglong changed,There is a lot of incredible in his eyes。
Even if I have checked Xia Chenglong’s body in advance,,Still did not expect this young man to hide such a huge power in his body。
“the student surpasses the master”,This truth is really tried and tested!
“Chiba Xianglong!”
Absolutely luxurious version of martial arts,At this moment he made it have a special meaning,Same dragon,But dragons and dragons are also hierarchical。
Like black dragon and real dragon,The environment and meaning of the two are completely different,Even if their ingredients are roughly the same。
no doubt,Just this trick,The Qianye Xianglong with a powerful dragon wandering aura is far better than the opponent’s golden dragon。
It’s not the gap of aura,Is the gap of soul。
Xia Chenglong’s dragon has a dragon soul。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Twenty Nine Victory and defeat
This is a symbol,Whether it is the ancestor of the Tu family or Xia Chenglong from the younger generation,The spirit they want to convey is obvious。

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