Sosigan, the evil axe, is the strongest in this coalition,Should have come forward,The first to rush ahead,But he hesitated。

It’s not that he thinks he’s inferior to that guy,It’s that he doesn’t think it’s necessary to fight that kind of fucking guy,Anyway, there are people around me,Just ask them to go up!
But the problem is,Other people think so too!After all, they are a team temporarily connected for profit,Not even familiar with each other。
This delicate moment,No one wants to come forward,Want to let others take the possible risks。
It’s just such a moment of hesitation,Let this coalition team appear a fatal flaw,They are careless,Not only was the momentum taken away,I was rushed close enough by Tu Shanming。
Under normal circumstances,In this team of hundreds of people,There are many mages and Taoists,They can be attacked remotely,Weaken Tu Shanming’s power,Destroy his charge,But they didn’t,They take it for granted,There is only one person,So as the soldiers in the front row,Should swarm,Cut that ignorant boy into meat sauce。
Ranged attack on a lone warrior who charged alone,This is not in line with the violent aesthetics of the gods,What they want to see more is the heroic collision between fighters。
then,Tu Shanming relied on bursting luck,Abruptly rushed to the one hundred people。
boom!Boom!The big knife in Tu Shanming’s hand burst out with a strong light,Under one wave,Cut an enemy in front of him in half,The bloody corpse fell over,Like a fragile stake。
Followed by,Tu Shanming’s hand is rolling,To open and close,Into the enemy line alone。
The first thousand and sixty-three chapters Battle Royale
this moment,Those seed pickers who claim to be from the day gate,I finally know what it means to enter the flock,What’s the content if you enter the land of no one。
Flesh and blood,Broken limbs and stumps flew like straws being crushed by a harvester。
Those soldiers who woke up like a dream,Although it has burst out of strength,But he couldn’t stop Tu Shanming who was in a state of violent。
This bandit leader from Bairimen,Finally let these ordinary people living in God City,Have a taste,What is the cruelty of Bairimen style!
His sword is as bright as snow,Every blow takes a life,And the moves are all in the form of injury for life,Attack on the enemy,It’s just fearless,It’s just to avoid some vital points by instinct,Don’t mind getting hurt at all。
Besides,Most attacks,Can’t break his defense at all,Because on him,There are a few gleaming lights,Every light,Both represent a piece of Scarlet Moon equipment,Represents strong defense and super high damage,There is even an increase effect that automatically restores blood volume and energy。

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