[Baby cannot drink juice]_Recommended diet

[Baby cannot drink juice]_Recommended diet

Many parents now like to use juice and homemade puree to feed their babies, and they think they have no problem.

In fact, prematurely supplementing your child with fruit foods can cause a lot of harm!

Please cause excellence.


Nutritional Imbalances Will children who like to drink juice receive light milk?

Adding fruit juice to food prematurely for children will affect children’s resistance to breast milk or milk powder, reducing the absorption of milk will cause children’s nutritional imbalance.


There are too many types of diarrhea juice, and the proportion of sugar is also uncertain. It is not easy for children to absorb. Once they cannot absorb diarrhea, the absorbed sugar not only cannot be absorbed but also increases the child’s digestive burden.

This can be worse if the child’s constitution is poor.


It is the correct idea to eat caries with more sugar and long broken teeth. Why do many parents ignore the sugar in the juice?

Many fruits are high in sugar.

Not only will it cause premature long dental caries in children, it will also cause children to become obese.

Note: 1.

Some “high sugar juices” currently on the market are packaged for sale as organic, healthy and natural products.

Parents, please be sure to look at the ingredients list in detail when choosing. If there is too much sugar and additives, please prohibit children from sleeping.


Apple juice, orange juice, grape juice and other sugars in the supermarket contain about 15% sugar, which is almost a pair of carbonated drinks!


Pay attention to your child’s diet, control your sugar intake, and avoid triggering diabetes.

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