“Three ancestral gods of the ancestral gods, please?”Li Ming looked at himself,A bit weird。

“I didn’t expect me to count,Didn’t count the origin consciousness of the universe?!”
Obtain the inheritance of the Star Spirit Palace by yourself,Conceal from outsiders,But I can’t hide the original consciousness of the universe,It is inevitable。
Even this Star Spirit Temple,Even the god king who broke the line of Donghe and even Jin Kingdom,Are the origin of the universe‘throw’Come out to train the strong,That’s it。
“teacher,how about it,Go or not?”Luo Feng asked,At the same time I feel a little strange。
“Could it be that the ancestors are looking for the teacher??But there are also many strong people in the Patriarchal Cult,The three ancestors are no weaker than the strongest in the primitive universe。Unless it involves the universe,But in general,The ancestral religion itself will not appear in the universe!”
“Let’s go,The ancestral religion represents the original will of the universe,Even if I don’t give face to the three ancestors,At least we should give face to the origin of the universe。”
Stop talking,Li Ming’s deity directly touches the origin of the law of space,Display【Tian Dun】,Just a few breaths of effort left the realm of humanity。
“Ancestors,It’s really the first time here。”
Looking at the vast mystery ahead,Li Ming’s eyes are cold,Countless thoughts flashed in my mind。
This ancestral religion,Will not be threatened by a secret inherited from the human race,Ask him to work for nothing。
Fly into the Ancestral Church,in【Tian Dun】Li Ming,Even Venerable Universe couldn’t detect it in person,But for the ancestors,But it’s very obvious。
“Infinite Lord,Welcome to ancestors。”A master of the universe with three faces appeared in front of Li Ming。
“Double-sided ancestor!”Li Ming nodded slightly。
“Come,Please speak here。”The double-sided ancestor god invites Li Ming into the ancestral temple。
Several waiters with the strength of Cosmos Venerables served melon and fruit drinks,Exudes an alluring breath。
Li Ming knows,These fruits were bred in the special natural environment of the Patriarchal Church,This big market,The value is comparable to a high-end treasure。
Take a bite of a purple fruit,Instant in the mouth,Turn into a warm current to nourish the whole body。

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