The more genetically enhanced human race,The better the appearance,And the one in front of you,Undoubtedly one of the best。

but,The guards take a closer look,I was shocked in a cold sweat,I couldn’t help holding up the electromagnetic rifle in my hand,A face like a big enemy。
the reason is simple,Because of this beautiful lady,Wearing a general-style armor of Tieqin soldiers,Tiger Howl Battlegear。
Actually got into a secret place by a Tieqin countryman,And also came to Master Wuhao,No one can take this responsibility。
Wow!Wow!A large muzzle pointed at the female officer of the Iron Qin Kingdom,But she didn’t move,Didn’t even raise his brow。
“You all go out!”Lu Menglin saw the guards at the door look like an enemy,Can’t help but wave his hand,Commanded。
The guards heard Lord Wuhao’s order,Although I am unwilling,But I can only retreat out angrily,Fearful。
A moment later,In the huge reception room,Only Lu Menglin and the mysterious woman left。
“General Wuhao,Hello there!”The mysterious female officer greeted lightly。
She is not famous because of the man in front of her,And there is any movement,On the contrary,Just looking at the depths of the opponent’s eyes,With a hint of curiosity that is not easy to detect。
“Ok,Is Uncle Chen okay??”Lu Menglin nodded,Greeted casually。
“He is still alive!”The answer from the mysterious woman is breathtaking,It’s the kind of person who is not good at chatting。
“Ha ha!You come to me,Is there a problem?”Lu Menglin shrugged,Obviously I don’t mind this personality who can’t chat。
“General Wuhao,You see me so easily,Are you afraid of fraud??”Female officer with eyes wide open,Said seriously。
“Fraud?Not afraid!You can’t hurt me!”Lu Menglin smiled。
“very confident!But if i tell you,I have a neutron bomb on my body,Powerful enough to level here,Can you be so confident?”
While the female officer was talking,Reach out,Pressed on his chest。
The tiger roaring armor on her body immediately lit up with a dazzling brilliance on her chest,It’s like the light of energy fusion reaction。

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