For example, the above requirements:“Exhale gently 80 times on the first day,Freeze for half an hour……After inhaling and condensing the next day,Turn the internal breath in the lungs once,Intestinal veins turn twice,Heart pulse once……”

Chen Xiu thought:“Stop breathing for half a quarter of an hour is not breathing for seven and a half minutes,I can do it too,Only after seven and a half minutes without breathing, inhale for a few minutes at once,Exhale for a few minutes,Wouldn’t it just spit out my lungs。
Not to mention that the most important thing when breathing is to keep your head clear,Intentional。How to keep clear when I can’t breathe。
Except for people like Wei Kai who have eaten elixir and transformed their bodies,Normal people can’t cultivate at all!”
The more Chen Xiu thinks about it, the more he feels that this exercise has no effect on him.,Still to the side,Sleep on the side,It’s just that I can’t sleep even more,I feel like I’m in a demon,The meridian route of luck in the body can’t help appearing on the exercises。
Chen Xiu sat up all of a sudden,Picked up again《Nine Turns Cultivation Record》Read it again,Thought to myself:“Inside martial arts,Martial arts master for《Nine Yin Scriptures》,Relying on the Heavenly Sword to Kill the Dragon,Now a secret book for cultivating immortals is in my hands,I still want to sleep,Are you too sorry for the predecessors?。”
“Try it,It won’t hurt if you fail to practice。”
But Chen Xiu sat cross-legged on the floor,Meditate,I meditated on the previous text of the exercise in my heart:“The heart sets the heart to forget,Physical weakness leads to air luck,Death is alive,When the sun grows, the yin disappears。”
Follow the breathing on the exercises,The mind is empty,The first exercise held your breath、Exhalation is not demanding,He still does it,Sniffles,Not swayed,God does not travel,There is a breath in the dantian gradually dissipating all over the body,Can’t tell comfort。
More than ten minutes passed,Once you run to the back, gradually advanced techniques,Chen Xiu coughed out,The whole person is brought back to reality from the empty state。
“by,Sure enough,Almost suffocated me!”
The difficulty in the first level just now is to exhale 30 breaths,There is not so much exhaust gas in his lungs,I almost didn’t suffocate myself。
“Forget it,If everyone can practice this stuff,No need to leave the elixir,Just give the exercises is enough!”
Chen Xiu directly put the exercise to one side,Fall asleep again,Just think of the softness ten minutes before the exercise、Comfortable state,When the warm current under the pubic field flows through the body, the pores are open and refreshing, and it makes people eat a sweet aftertaste。

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