Watching Ding Hu look embarrassed,Ding Changwa couldn’t help laughing:“Xia always has a way。This bastard brought a group of young people this time to trouble me,Xin good, you are here,Otherwise I really can’t help him”

“I have a way to deal with such people,He will not obey from now on,Just come to me。You get in the car,Let’s talk while walking”
Xia Jian said,Waved to Ding Changwa,Call him to sit in the front row。
Ding Changwa looked up at the big sun in the sky and said:“It’s almost noon,Don’t go see after eating。It’s too hot now,I’m bad in summer”
“Get in the car quickly!I’m not as squeamish as you said”
Xia Jian said,He waited for Ding Changwa to sit down,Drove the jeep towards the mountain beam in Shangxiagou Village。Because where there are large tracts of potato cultivation。He got to see it with his own eyes,In this case,He can have a bottom in his heart。
First2491chapter It was her
Because the road to the mountain beam is not easy,So Xia Jian drove the car very slowly,It’s almost almost two o’clock in the afternoon。
He put Ding Changwa at the entrance of Shangxiagou,Then I told you a few words,Drove back to the city。Around three o’clock,He just ate a bowl of noodles at Cai Li Noodle House。Looking at Xia Jian who was a little tired,Cai Li felt a little pain, he said softly:“Work compared to body,The body should be more important。So don’t do it for work,I’m exhausted”
“Thank you!”Xia Jian said gratefully,Get up and go。
He wants to hurry back and arrange the work immediately,Otherwise, as soon as the potato harvest season,Once his plan fell through,The villagers in these three poor villages would call him a liar。
Once back to the office of Donglin Building,Xia Jian called Guan Tingna。He took the details he learned,Gave a detailed explanation to Guan Tingna,She also wrote down some important bad sections。the whole process,Guan Tingna listened very carefully。
Xia Jianyi finished,She immediately got up and arranged。Xia Jian turned on the computer,When I checked a few emails,Guan Tingna walked in again,And it’s unhappy。
Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna,Stopped working and asked with a smile:“What’s wrong with you?Something unhappy happened?Talk about it!”
“It’s September now,It’s October 1st immediately,Kedonglin Township Ziyangguan opened for tourism,There are some formalities in the place,I’ve personally ran several times,What do you say about this?”
Xia Jian glanced at Guan Tingna who was a little troubled and said:“Actually this is easy to handle,Don’t go to the city,I found Donglin Township**,Tell them how important this matter is,Let them run easier than us”
“Damn!Or you are good!Why didn’t i think。it is good!Once this is done,We can start the tourism business of Ziyangguan first,In addition, some sections of Pingfu Expressway need maintenance,How do you think about it??”
Guan Tingna said,The new problem came up again。

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