At this time, the power of the dragon wandering and the power of the heart of the earth flames came out,Three forces join forces,Completely resist that force。

This seems not to work,Although it has been blocked,But the two sides seem to be in balance,No one can do anything!
But Xia Chenglong has more than just these,So a puff of blood began to wake up,Every drop of this blood is the peak of strength。
Dragon Blood!
Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom is stronger,It’s just Lingzhi contaminated with dragon blood,But what it has to face is the real dragon blood。
Those forces start to recede,Return to where they should go。
The place to go is the middle finger,The next training process is to turn gold into green,This green is not as simple as applying a color to it。
How to describe it?
A popular metaphor,Is the process of ordinary stone turning into jade,So how difficult is it,it goes without saying。
This process also takes a long time,And Xia Chenglong has to endure even more pain,This pain is all concentrated on the fingers,Is equivalent to focusing on one point。
Behind everything is powerful, nothing is easy,Xia Chenglong understands this truth well,So he never took a fluke。
Isn’t it just destruction?,come on,See who is more ruthless!
Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Eight Tian Yuan Zhi Xian
This mutual stalemate lasted for a long time,Xia Chenglong now has no concept of time,Because he has no time to think about those。
Only pain and suffering,I don’t know when I will win this confrontation.,But there is a good direction,That is these manic energy is receding。
slowly,They gather at the middle finger,at the same time,The color of the middle finger also began to change。
This is a wonderful process,The Millennium Dragon’s Blood Mushroom and other medicinal materials are constantly being washed,It seems to be a little temper on it。
Because I want to use Tian Yuan Zhi,This in itself requires a lot of strength,If you don’t temper itself to hold this force,How to fight?
red,green,Golden,Three kinds of energy surround Xia Chenglong’s body,Keep moving towards the middle finger,Every drill is a very painful thing。

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