“You come!”

Wang Qiaoqiao waved to Han Genji。
Even if the lights are bright,Even though the skirt Wang Qiaoqiao wore today is a bit heavy,This does not affect her sultry posture in Han Genji’s eyes。
Fall in love with someone so quickly,Han Genji didn’t believe it before,But this world is incredible,I can’t deny it!
“how?Not afraid of what i do to you?”
Lie on the edge of the fence with Wang Qiaoqiao,Han Genji looked at the half can of beer in his hand,I don’t know if my drinking volume really degraded,Still not drunk, everyone is drunk。
now,Between Han Genji and Wang Qiaoqiao,There is no so-called safe distance,But Han Genji still kept a delicate distance。
The woman I met before,Han Genji always moves with his heart,Only with Wang Qiaoqiao,His heart is calm,Not a saint,Not wantingiRushed,It just doesn’t give birth to any evil thoughts,Just feel like staying with her,Very comfortable。
Looking at Wang Qiaoqiao with a smile,The purity of the heart cannot purify Han Genji’s whole person.。
“What is laughing?Don’t forget that I am a nurse,If you really want to do to me,I promise you won’t be able to lift up for the rest of your life!correct,Friendly remind you,When i was in nursing school,Stitching has always failed!”
Wang Qiaoqiao made a scissors hand to Han Genji,Han Geun-ki felt that his crotch was cold,Involuntarily clamped his legs。
My eyes narrowed into two crescents,Wang Qiao shook his head in a funny way。
“show you,This is my grandma!”
Wang Qiaoqiao called up her phone photo album,A simple old man also appeared in front of Han Genji。
“I am fair,Since you are sharing your secret base with me,I can also share my secret with you。”
Wang Qiao said with a smile,Han Genji made a wait gesture,Run to the refrigerator,Not only did I take another can of beer,And brought out a bag of peanuts。
Feel so angry and funny,But this didn’t affect Han Genji’s narrative。

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