May nodded,Another look of helplessness。“Chen Wenjin is serious about feelings。Xiao Xiao has a thin face,I hate being said to be a third party。And that’s it。”

Qiangwei smiled and nodded,A look of understanding。
When Qiangwei chatted with Xiao Xiao,Speaking of Chen Wenjin and Butterfly,With an incomprehensible expression:“Golden girlfriend,Is the butterfly,how……So strange?She can watch that kind of movie quietly at home.,I’m embarrassed to tell me,She can watch in public with composure,Speaking of those shameful topics without changing his face……Feels、like、It seems to be very open and casual。”
“It’s weird。”Xiao Xiao didn’t say much,But she personally has opinions on butterflies,Because she has never touched、Can’t accept that style,and,I don’t understand how Chen Wenjin likes butterflies。just,She doesn’t want to talk about butterflies behind her back,The words are very polite。
“I find it hard to accept anyway,I really can’t get along with butterflies like that,and……”Qiangwei hesitated:“I’m not talking bad about her, right?,I just don’t think she is a good match for Jin。The person in gold doesn’t talk much,But I feel very reliable,Hearing Abao said that others are nice。”
“Affection,Outsiders can’t say anything。”Xiao Xiao ended this topic with a single sentence,Qiang Wei realizes that Xiao Xiao is unwilling to discuss,Just say:“Yes。The emotional thing is really unreasonable。But I think if two people are not suitable,Can’t grow。”
Xiao Xiao didn’t speak,Qiangwei won’t talk about it anymore,And talked about other things。
At this moment,Mei suddenly called them:“The tank is coming!With Xiaoji and her boyfriend!”
Many people have seen it,Still watching,Watching three people talking and laughing,Harmonious scene……
Many people think,Sometimes reality can be so absurd that people feel false……
The tank is coming,With a smile,Greeting everyone,Introduction:“Xiao Ji’s boyfriend——Xiaohua!Everyone knows,Take care of anything in the future,He used to be a good student,If you don’t understand, don’t worry about him too much.!”
Leopard watching,Can’t help but mutter:“There are people in the world who are as stupid as Xiao Gao!”
Amnet,The deeper the friendship with the tank,Actually, the less willing to talk to Xiaoji and Xiaohua,but,But they are all at the face of the tank,Greeted them。
There is a man with a cold face,Play games。
The tank brought Xiaohua and Xiaoji to the front,He doesn’t care。
“Getting acquainted,Xiaohua。Xiao Ji’s boyfriend。”Tank has a good relationship with this person,Thought he didn’t hear it just now,Just say it again。
That person hasn’t finished the game,But suddenly let go,Stared at Xiaoji and Xiaohua,Turned and left。

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