[Are you allergic to eating?]_ Allergies_Eating Instructions

[Are you allergic to eating?]_ Allergies_Eating Instructions

Do you remember the summer when you were a kid? At that time, my favorite thing was to know.

Fry the golden larva in the oil pan and sprinkle it with salt, it will be delicious for three or five minutes.

I know that monkeys are a delicious food that many people like to eat. They are delicious and have high nutritional value.

Recently, however, there are rumors about the hospitalization of XX due to allergies.

We can’t help but wonder whether ordinary people can cause allergies if they know what they eat, or that they only exist in people with special constitutions.

An allergic reaction is a response to tissue damage or dysfunction that occurs when an immune-generating body is stimulated again by the same antigen.

The response is characterized by rapid speed, strong response, and rapid regression; generally does not destroy tissue cells and cause serious tissue injury, but there are obvious individual differences.

Allergies caused by eating monkeys are generally allergic to proteins. As a result of knowing that monkeys are high-protein foods, certain substances (usually proteins) enter the body and will be used by the immune system as a source of invasion, and the immune system will release a kind ofSpecific immunoglobulin E, combined with food to produce a variety of chemicals, cause skin redness and swelling, recurrent diarrhea, indigestion, headache, sore throat, high blood pressure and other allergic symptoms.

This caused allergies.

Allergic reactions are not something everyone will have. The same person treats different allergens in different environments and will be different. Therefore, if you are allergic to high protein, it is not recommended to eat known and other high protein foods, such asAllergic reactions are recommended in a timely manner.

The reason is that I know that it is a wild insect, and it is unavoidable to carry bacteria. When cleaning, you should remove your head, feet, and wings. It is best to soak it in salt water overnight. It must be cooked and cooked thoroughly when cooking.Fried.

Soaked in salt water, fried and eaten, there is no problem.

Therefore, as long as you are not a high-protein allergic constitution, and you know how to wash it before cooking, there will be no allergic reaction in any case.

I also want to remind everyone here that knowing that monkeys are high-protein foods, it is best not to eat too much at one time. If you eat too much at one time, it will cause physical discomfort.

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