But Ding Tea from Mei Mei Wan,Learned《Tang Poetry(specific)》Number,And told Ling Shuanghua,Know that this number is theoretically,As long as you will《Even city sword》man of……Even if you don’t go back to Tang Poetry,You can also use ordinary《Tang Poetry》To crack the secret。

“what?This number is……”Di Yun also found that the eyes were familiar。
Although he didn’t forget the matter,Number copied from Ling Miss,He is not private,Already gave the Chu Deirers,But after all, you can see“look familiar”。
“Chu Da Ge,This seems to be related to Treasure……and many more!Sister,This book is……When you take the sideware??Have you told Master at the time??”Di Yun suddenly realized what。
“I……I only thought it was an old book.,Naturally, there is no special and unfair。”What did Yan Fang also realize what?。
Lenovo that time,Father、Some of the agents of Master,Two people speaking。
Half,Di Yun will《Tang Poetry》Also handed over to Chu Deh:“This book is also a big brother.!I want to come to the harmful treasure,Only Chu Da Ge will wait for hero Heroes,Can control this treasure,Not being harmed by it。”
Chu Deer estimation,Di Yun should be after being able to pass by himself,Just determine that you are heroism……
“Also。”Chu Deiren took over。
No special mention《Tang poetry》Thing,After all, the long-term sentiary brother genuine sword method,The order is all right——Don’t say that it is apprentice,Wan Zhen Mountain did not teach his son!
Originally, Di Yun is directly copied to the city wall.,Take this to lead the mountains and sons,Intention,result……I also attracted Master who had been swindling.。
The Chu Deiren didn’t think so much.,This《Tang Poetry》Falling in his hand,I can avoid it,Others from this,Know the treasure information,Two……
Chu Deeng remembers the dark language in the original,The first few words are“Jiang Ling City South Passian Ning Temple”,Behind the record,Anyway, guide everyone to worship Buddha,Finally“Ever”Four words——Malicious,Really to find,I found treasures and only“Ever”。
Sitial people find twenty-six words from Tang poetry selected,There is no meaning,Too much combination,But for the Chu Deirers,As long as the verification“Jiang Ling City South Passian Ning Temple”Several words,You can determine,Treasure in the big river,Also in this temple!
“If there is anything in the future, I look for you this treasure.,You said that the treasure is here.,in addition……No matter who is looking for you,Have some heart。”Chu Deirens reminded a sentence。
As for this treasure,Chu Deirers even confirmed the location,I didn’t want to dig up immediately.。
Even if you are not afraid of poison,But so many things,Cannot move alone,And what is the use of the Chu Deirers so much??
Or wait for Murong, or who wants to use money,Take it again.……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 664 crisis
Chu Deirers have delayed the day in Jiangling,Then when I came to Fuyang,Naturally, I will pay attention to Guo Ju Xia.。
Because the Mongolian army is moving in Wangjing、The Jinhe people also tiger,Therefore, the court has no movement of Guo Jumi.!
certainly,Guo Ju Xia’s days are not good,Xiangyang Knire is strictly monitored,Sincere……Size significantly。
After all, the Xiangyang Knight is the original a batch of Guo Qiaoxia.,Self-brought dry food in the rivers and lakes,Certainly not like big loyalty“Thunder rain,Yun”。
I found that the court actually fought itself,Many popularities are just directly——Although I have some rewards in previous years,But for the Xiangyang Knights,It’s really not bad.!
Skull, still left,a big part,It is also because I don’t worry about Guo Jumin.。
These things,Chu Deirers also can’t help,Just before leaving,Chu Deirers told Guo Jugein,If it is at the rivers and lake level,Golden Wheel King dares,Guo Ju Xia only needs to release the heroic meeting,You must arrive!
As for the Mongolian army……
Chu Dee people can’t do it.。
I can’t drag the legs in Song Ting.、Let’s die on the brothers who are orthodontics.?
And don’t say it can block,I am afraid that it is a righteous man Zhaozheng Meng on the spot.,This alliance is not like this.!
After the promise of Guo Zhao,,Chu Deirers came to the city of Montenegro in the city.。
Huge ugly sculpture is now looking for a Chu deer,“嘤嘤 嘤嘤”Ambiguuiting,Look……It should also feel some。
Chu Deirens try to use birds to understand,Connected、Plus small red translation,Tell ugly,The solo teacher is very serene……Do not,It’s very satisfied!
“Solitary,Your hometown is in Tianshan.?After that, I will take you back.?I know a place,Have a lot of good-looking mother……”Chu Deirers feel,Ugly carvings may need to solve it,The old owner has died。
Ugly wings fan,Obviously don’t want to respond。
Chu Deirers think it may be embarrassed,So I said:“Then you are here first,Don’t run,I will pick you up for a while.……It may also be a trustee pick you.。”
After completing the teacher’s explanation,Chu Deirers took four swordsms。
Although there are only three swords inside,Ziwei soft sword early was thrown by a solitary teacher,But the sword in the is still。

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