Zhou Ye I smiled:“See

“Different treatment processes may be risky,So you need a family to sign us to do it.,You must do your psychological preparation。”Li Tianci strives to persuade Zhao Xiaoying husband,It takes a few minutes to explain the current situation and possible risks.。
Such a,He feels that the time of delay may be more……
So just directly let Zhanan I explain,Then I took the patient back.ICUNS。
Zhou Ye:“Go nowICUAlready inevitable。”
“Turn,How do you say how to do it?。”Li Hua deeply took a breath。
The doctor’s explanation self-understanding does not understand,However, doctors will not flicker on the things of life.。
“I beg you, you must save her.,Save us!”Li Hua suddenly didn’t know what to say.,He can only ask the doctor to help them,Save it to Zhao Xiaoying。
at this time,He has been wet behind him.,The sweat of the forehead dropped and fell.。
Incident,He is not a little mentally preparing,A big man,I am so anxious that tears will fall.。
“We must do our best to。”Although Zhou Jixi said on the mouth,But in fact, everyone knows that there is no absolute,Can’t guarantee a certain success,But as long as there is a front line, I hope to save it, I will try my best to save.。
Under the workmanship and nurse,Zhao Xiaoying quickly shifted in a few minutes.ICUtreatment。
Zhou Ye, I want to go back to the past.……
As a result, I didn’t think this time I was directly borrowed by Li Tianci.。
Excusement is to understand the condition。
However, Chen Riyuan knows that Li Tianci, who is the old man, just because no one is in his hand.,So it’s a clear-eyed to grab people.。
But finally,Chen Riyuan still agreed,BecauseICUIt is indeed a place where you can learn a lot.。
And since the deputy director of the people, the deputy director of the people,Chen Riyuan as a predecessor of Lao Li,Naturally, I can’t reach a helping hand.。
that’s it,Zhou Jiwu has followed it again.ICU。
ICUWithin the ward,Different rescue machines send cold mechanical sounds。
Zhao Xiaoying’s breath is more urgent,To prevent more serious conditions,Li Tianci directly gave her a calm drug。
“Oxygen concentration is only90NS!”The nurse monitoring Zhao Xiaoying’s blood oxygen concentration is reduced.,Directly screamed。
Hemox oxygen concentration reduces blood delivery oxygen capacity!
The respiratory organ may damage,If no aid,Zhao Xiaoying may not breathe anywhere。
“Upper tracheal intubation,Hurry up with the ventilator。“Li Tiancai is not in the ward,Now there is only Wen Ye。
This time you can’t wait for the superior doctor.,That is delayed.。
Zhou Ye will then give an instruction directly:“Prepare the things of the tracheal intubation,Contact the anesthesiology first,If the anesthesiology is not coming,Let’s go directly.。”
Hemox oxygen concentration If you continue to fall,It will reach the dangerous value,At that time, Zhao Xiaoying may have a danger of illness.。

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