Lu Menglin seems to have expected it,Shrugged,Smiled:“is it?Tangtang Ming Family,Are you planning to be an old man??You are wanting money but not life?”

The voice has not fallen,Elizabeth strode forward,Yelled:“Mr. Judge,They have given up!meet as planned,Should pay the previously stated gambling money!”
General Li Qingsong heard these words,Just sneered twice,Silent。
Although he was a guest referee,But how could it be possible to allow Ming to give a huge sum of money to the secret medicine group??
“Want to fall back?Then don’t blame us for being impolite!”Venerable Leo strode forward,Shen Sheng said。
The other four Secret Medicine Venerables also took a step forward at the same time,Uniform movement,The momentum is amazing。
With the extraordinary combat power that Lu Menglin just showed,Enough to suppress that boss war,Coupled with the combined strength of the five great secret medicines,It’s not an exaggeration to say sweeping the audience,So they are extraordinarily confident。
Pang Yuandao looked terrified,Reach out to hold the weapon box,Keeping close to Li Qingsong’s side,As long as the situation is not right,He will immediately sacrifice the pill strength magic soldier,Kill the Quartet。
“Please show up!”Just at this critical moment,Mingliu faintly smiled calmly。
When I saw him smile like that,Many people present suddenly felt bad。
Everyone was deterred by the peerless style of these warriors,But overlooked an important fact,Who is Ming Liuyin??This great adviser who is known as the unparalleled scholar,How can you not stay behind?
The voice has not fallen,Everyone only heard a faint sigh from above their heads。
“you guys,All to die!”This voice is like coming from Jiuyou Hell,An incomprehensible chill came into everyone’s heart。
Everyone can’t help but look up,But outrageously discovered,There is a figure,Floating in the air,Like a ghost in the day,Terrifying。
Even if it is a master of alchemy like Lu Menglin and Old Monster Zhan,I can only float briefly with Dan Jin。
Flesh Flight,Has always been a forbidden zone for humans,Since ancient times, it has distinguished between humans and gods.。
And at the moment,Just in full view,Everyone saw a body,You can’t rely on any external force,Just floating in mid-air,Disregard the common people。

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