“You look at you, old stubborn,Let me ask by the way,Really is,Not to mention,I’ll call and ask myself。”Qin Feng said deliberately。

“Willing to hit you,By the way, you just said you sleep by yourself?why,Was it blasted by your wife??”The old man suddenly thought of what Qin Feng said before,Then asked。
“amount,what,Xiaoyan’s friend is here,Sleep with her friend tonight。”Qin Feng said Wuxin,But the listener on the other side intentionally,Asked by the old man,Qin Feng suddenly became nervous。
“cut,If it wasn’t for being bombed out,What are you nervous?”The old man opposite obviously doesn’t believe what Qin Feng said。
“I am nervous,Where did you hear that i’m nervous,Not blowing with you,Labor and capital are so close to the wind,Suave,Everybody,Flowers bloom,The car sees the owner of a flat tire。”
Chapter six hundred and eighty five Disturb you anytime
A woman who likes me can circle Honghai three times,She dared to blast me out,As long as I cough,Someone delivered it right away。”Qin Feng proudly showing off like an old man。
“You can pull it down,I don’t know you yet,If it wasn’t for Lao Tzu to export you,You may never find a wife,I’m not talking about you,If you have one-tenth of my style,I’ve carried the great grandson a long time ago。”
The old man didn’t give Qin Feng any face,Hit the spot。
“I……by……”It’s okay not to mention it,There is a sense of humiliation when Qin Feng is mentioned,Jiang Yan’s attitude has changed now,Think of before,Qin Feng really wanted to bump his head on the sponge,Forget it。
“how,You are not convinced?”The old man took it easy。
“Why am i convinced,I’m not in a hurry,I have the same age as flowers,Just let you export me,I’m so embarrassed to say me here!”Qin Feng gets more and more angry。
“Come on,You get cheap and sell well,Speak,When will I hold my grandson,If you don’t have time,After Xiaoyan is born,You send me back,I will bring you。”The old man gets more excited,As if I would hold it tomorrow。

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