“Xiao Fan,You guys have vision,Actually know that there is such a treasure hidden in that broken sculpture,Dad blamed you,Dad told you I’m sorry。What dad said to you just now,Don’t take it to heart!”Lin Feng said to Xiao Fan。

Xiao Fan shook his head,Said:“dad,You don’t have to be so polite,You are Yoona’s father,It’s no different from my real dad!Moreover,I picked two sculptures at random,I didn’t know there was a baby in it at first,I’m just lucky。”
Lin Feng heard Xiao Fan say this,Asked questioningly:“But I can see that you broke the broken sculpture,This jade sculpture fell out of it!If you didn’t know in advance that there are sculptures inside,Why did you deliberately smash that broken sculpture??”
“No,dad,I just slipped my hand,Not intentional。”Xiao Fan explained。
“Oh!”Lin Feng heard Xiao Fan say so, so he didn’t keep asking。
After all, no matter what Xiao Fan thought,Now the jade carving is indeed in my own hands。
Different from Lin Feng’s heartlessness,After Lin Yuner heard Xiao Fan’s words,,He rolled his eyes severely at Xiao Fan。
This Xiao Fan,There must be some hidden secret。
When Lin Yuna was in the antique shop,And didn’t put extra eyes on other people。
She is called Xiao Fanlai,It’s because she believes Xiao Fan can help her handle this matter well。
Although I don’t quite understand what he did at the beginning,But she didn’t blame Xiao Fan like Lin Feng。
Especially when he later said he wanted to take two things from the shop owner,Although Xiao Fan looks very casual,But Lin Yoona can tell,He has long been fond of that broken sculpture,He went with a purpose。
Plus what Xiao Fan frequently showed recently“unusual”,Lin Yuner is even more sure that Xiao Fan has a secret,And it’s a big secret。
Married so long,Lin Yuner never thought that Xiao Fan still had time,And it looks like the work is pretty good。
Those strong men just now were so easily knocked out by Xiao Fan。
But for the doubt in my mind,Lin Yoona doesn’t plan to ask Xiao Fan,Because she can tell,No matter what secrets Xiao Fan has in his heart,To her,Xiao Fan is wholehearted。
Thought of here,Lin Yun’er’s mouth rises slightly,I didn’t intend to talk about what happened in the antique shop just now。

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