Old people fear old psychological harm!

Old people fear old psychological harm!

When people are in their old age, they are often motivated by the dying life.

  Human beings have the urge to “not fail” and look forward to longevity. The greater the impulse, the greater the fear of old psychology.

Therefore, it is extremely sensitive to aging, and the result of full concentration is self-suggestion, self-recession, and the formation of all kinds of fear and old performance.

Old people must go out of their old age and fear the old psychology must start from two aspects.

  First of all, as an old man, you must establish a positive sense of survival.

That is to treat life correctly and to treat life scientifically.

Improve understanding of the meaning of life through a reasonable identification of life and self-worth.

Therefore, in accordance with their own conditions, continue to serve the community to stimulate life enthusiasm, experience the taste of life, and eliminate the negative cues of physical aging on the self.

Treating diseases correctly, getting sick and seeking medical care, believing in science, but not paying attention to the subtle changes in physiology and one-sidedly presenting others’ attitudes towards themselves.

Strengthen interpersonal communication through emotional transfer to eliminate alienation from society and avoid self-isolation.

Dialectically treat aging, change aging as a sense of urgency, and promote the cherishment of life and the pursuit of meaning in life.

  In fact, the society and the family should pay attention to the life of the elderly, care for the health of the elderly, and let them be old and have fun.

Confucius Day: “The filial piety of today is to raise.

And dogs and horses can be raised.

Disrespect, why don’t you?

Therefore, caring for the mental health of the elderly and helping them out of fear of old psychology in a timely manner is a problem that cannot be ignored.

The so-called old-fashioned pleasure is to provide them with a good spiritual living environment while providing them with good material living conditions.

  If the elderly find that they have similar symptoms mentioned above, they should adjust their mentality in a timely manner, to treat life correctly, to look at life scientifically, and to establish a positive sense of survival.

If you want to continue to serve the society, the elderly can find a position that suits their needs according to their actual situation. Believe in their own abilities and believe in the value of their existence.

If you feel that your body is not comfortable, you can ask your relatives or friends to accompany you to the hospital, or consult a professional. Don’t pay too much attention to your physical changes, and you should not present your attitude towards yourself.

Believe in science.

It is better to be alone with the public. If you can join the activities of the majority, strengthen interpersonal relationships, change the distance from others, and avoid self-isolation, you can overcome or stay away from these unhealthy psychology.

Otherwise, these bad emotions worsen your body’s deteriorating condition and endless troubles.

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